Press Release – Crime in the Park


Subject: Crime In The Park

The last three weeks has seen a return of criminal activity in Sandall Park. An entire flower bed including many shrubs has been stolen from within the park near to Barnby Dun Road and in the last week several fires have been started in hedgerows in the park resulting in the destruction of some hedging.

A member of the Friends of Sandall Park, Don Crabtree said: “This is disappointing. After the events of last year where a large amount of criminal damage and theft was committed in the park, together with the authorities we pursued and prosecuted at least five offenders and one had an ASBO taken out on them effectively banning that person from the park. As a result the last six months has been virtually crime free. It is disappointing that this has started again – but we shall vigorously pursue the offenders. We have a good track record at catching offenders – we will not give up – these thieves live close to the park”

Anyone wanting more information about Sandall Park or wish to report incidents or supply information can do so via the new updated web site on

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