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The background to the current suspension of fishing is that for the last five years the lease to the fishing has been held by a fishing club but that lease ran out on 01/04/10 and the club chose not to renew it.  

It is fair to say that the rules of the club were not enforced towards the end of the lease and like most things the minority of fishermen certainly spoilt it for the rest.  

There was catalogue of unsavoury behaviour by a minority of fishermen that had a substantial impact on the park and its visitors.

Clearly with no one to provide any rule enforcement the situation would only get worse and that the unsavoury activity did not put fishing in the best of light and did spoil the park for many visitors. The council took the decision and the Friends of Sandall Park (FoSP) supported a trial period without fishing to assess the options. Fortunately this action prompted a group of responsible local fishermen (the majority in fact) to form a fishing club to supervise the lake. FoSP facilitated the formation of this new group and arranged meetings with the council. The current position is that it has been agreed that fishing will return to the park in due course when the legal formalities have been completed.
We think this a good result for the park in  general as well as fishing and fishermen in particular. Fishing in the short term will still not be allowed until the new lease is granted – a free for all without any rules is not an option.
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6 thoughts on “Park Fishing”

  1. i am very glad that fishing in sandall park soon. i hope it is very soon as sandall park was my favourite fishing place

  2. Hopefully it won’t be too long Craig! Please join the facebook group for current progress if you have access it’s “save sandall park fishery”

  3. ii will join it on facebook lucan i cant wait for fishing to start as board going around places i dont like have u any suggestions of a good place to fish whilst waiting for fishing to start back in sandall park

  4. Top brownie points, chaps, for taking the matter into your own hands instead of just whingeing – which is what alot of folk seem to do – whinge, I mean!

    Well done….

  5. I fished there for about a year. It was stocked with carp, bream and tench as well as silverfish. Since the lease wasn’t renewed by the former fishing club that ran it, has the lake been netted and the fish removed by the former club, or are they still in there?

    Cheers and all the best. If you get it going again I’ll be a regular visitor.

  6. Sadly since the last fishing club lease ran out there has been a lot of illegal fishing – especially at nightime and we more than suspect that when acught the fish have been taken away. We should find out this week who has been successful in their application for the new lease. We (FoSP) are looking for the new club to sort out the problems with the minority of fishermen who are spoiling it for the rest and we will support them in this. If you do start coming back to the lake for fishing – please support the fishing club.

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