Missing Swan Spotted

Some will have have noticed that one of our swans has been missing for a while. The good news is that we think it has been spotted down at Lakeside.

We can forgive the swan for this minor lack of judgement (sorry Lakeside). On a serious note this may not be a bad thing as it is now getting to the time of year when the two remaining Black Swans will be trying to produce more cygnets. The ‘missing’ cygnet is actually a cygnet from the same pair from two years ago and it is amazing it has survived because experience has shown us that once new offspring are born the parents harass the previous years offspring even to the point of killing them.

Last year the pair had two broods. The first did not survive and the second had to be re-homed by Yorkshire Swan Rescue. Life as a Black swan in Sandall Park is hard but they attract more interest than most of the other residents and of course form a key part of our logo.

We have started a ‘2013 Swan Blog’ on this website so any sightings and news about the swans would be appreciated. Our thanks to ‘Dave’ for this latest information on the whereabouts of ‘our’ swan.


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4 thoughts on “Missing Swan Spotted”

  1. I noticed this morning (26/3), that the swans were walking about on the island other than the one used for nesting in the past. Are they nesting on this other island this year?

  2. Mick, yes they are nesting on the other island. The swan that was killed died on the first island near the old nest. It’s amazing how nature works – it was less than two weeks before another black swan flew in! Don

  3. today 23 April noticed female mallard with 7 ducklings !! any day now there will be geese with goslings to be seen, it seems to me that the swans have abandoned there nest, as they seem to be seen a lot swimming around sometimes annoying the geese, lets hope the swans start another nest !! perhaps it was slightly to cold for them.. a regular angler recons he saw a single baby moorhen near to boathouse island..

    all the best dave………

  4. Yes we agree re the swans – it would be less stressful for us if they didn’t have cygnets! I’m glad you saw the ducklings ‘cos we went down on the 22nd and could not find them……..

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