FoSP Christmas Message

As another year draws to a close, so does another chapter on the development of the park. Lots of positive changes have been taking place and the park strives forward on its journey to becoming the Best Park in Doncaster.

The Friends of Sandall Park have been beavering away in the background, working with the council and a private investor to bring a new cafe building into the mix. This will include public toilets which will be available all year round, one of our key conditions of the agreement. There are of course other considerations all of which will benefit the park and its visitors enormously. Lots to look forward to then in the coming months and as the saying goes “Things can only get better”.

Things have already been ‘getting better’ thanks to all of the park visitors and users. The new angling club have taken the lake and its surroundings to a new level and turned it around. You, the park visitors have done your part in challenging litter droppers and dog foulers, done your own informal litter picks, challenged what little anti social behaviour there is, and generally taken a pride in your park. The difference is evident in the way the park looks and feels. Someone recently told me “It has a really calm and relaxing atmosphere”.

May I, on behalf of FoSP, thank you for your help in making Sandall Park the lovely park that it is, and wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Healthy and Happy 2016. We look forward to seeing you in the park and at our events in the coming year.

Sandra Crabtree
Friends of Sandall Park

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Dash – Drones Eye View

Our thanks to Darren Baker for this great footage of the start of the Santa Dash.

When you’re on the ground it is sometimes hard to believe that there are more than five hundred taking part. But when you see this footage you realise how many Santa’s there really are.

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More Dash Photo’s

Another great series of photo’s from the Santa Dash this time from Dawn Hollingsworth. Thanks Dawn – good stuff.

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Harris Hawk In Park

We’ve had reports for a while of a Harris Hawk in the park but this is the first time we’ve had pictures.

This was in the park after the Santa Dash yesterday – our thanks to Alan McDonnell for this cracking picture taken in the wooded area where the playground is on Thorne Road.

Harris Hawk 2


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WOW! That Went Well……

That was a close call – 20 minutes after this years Santa Dash the rain came down………

We hope this years Dash went well for everyone? From where we are sitting it went very indeed and NINE deserving charities should come away smiling!

Here are just a selection of initial photo’s from todays Dash – I’m sure there will be many more to follow….

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Cold Forecast – Dress Warm

One sleep to go and the forecast is pretty good – except for the cold!

Our Santa suits are many things to many people – but thermal lined they are certainly not! Our advice is to wear something warm under the suits.

A great day in prospect with well over 500 registered – see you there….

Santa Background

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