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Doncaster Santa Dash is GO!

We are delghted to announce that registrations and entries for the Doncaster Santa Dash 2017 are now being accepted. All the information you need is on the Spotty Frogs sponsored Dash website at (or click the logo)

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Fake Festival Bands – 2018

A fantastic ine has been announced for the tenth Anniversary FakeFestival in 2018

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Adventure Play comes to Park

After lots of planning and fund raising the new Woodland Adventure park has finaly come to the park – on the old golf course. and very nice it looks too. We can’t wit for the kids to test it out. WE plan a phasell for this project becuase we could not raise the full amount to fund everything we wanted from Day 1.


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Not good

The circus came to town last week but the weather gods conspired to make a tricky one for the orgnisers which resulted in some dramatic damage to the grass on leaving.

Th council have been inoformed and are fully aware of the circumstances.


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First Scarecrow Festival

Well that seemed to go well – our first Scarecrow Festival at Sandall Park, and it’s certainly something we can build on for future years. The weather Gods were on our side for once. Next up – The Doncaster Santa dash – 10th December, but lets get some summer first.

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Natures Free Gift

Some very nice young men were spotted in the park tonight making the most of the park’s wonderful bounty. They had been collecting walnuts from one of the trees on the old golf course. Excellent to see someone making the most of nature’s gifts.

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