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Would You Believe This?

 We knew litter was bad – luckily not too bad in the park. But these figures are amazing……. another good reason for making sure our own little bit of Doncaster is clean and tidy.

Clean Up Britain | The cost of litter to YOU and Britain

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Next FoSP Meeting

The next Friends of Sandall Park meeting is at 7pm Wednesday 18th March at the usual location – Sandalwood Communal Hall, Sandallwood Close, Wheatley.

FoSP LogoThis is a great way to find out what is happening in the park, what is planned for the park or put forward your own ideas for the park.

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Community Clear Up Day

Why not join us for the Community Clear Up Day on Saturday 21st March in the park – meet in the main car park 10am.

Community clear up headerThis is a National event and great day to spring clean the park.




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Don’t Panic!

As we have pointed out before the play area on the Barnby Dun Road side is having some development work carried out.

General park pictures 001Some play equipment has been removed because its ‘sell by’ date has been reached. They will be replaced by other equipment in the coming week.

Also all the safety matting around the play equipment is being replaced – this started last week and will continue next week.

The play area is open over the weekend – all we ask is that park visitors are patient while the work is completed next week. It will all be sorted for the Easter break.


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Our congratulations to our secretary and founder group members Ron and Jean Ketley on their Diamond wedding anniversary.

Ron n JeanStill very active in all things Sandall Park and supporting and taking part in ALL events……. Well done to them both.







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FoSP Direct……..

We do get some strange calls on our Friends of Sandall Park phone……..

We regularly get orders for bacon sandwiches and breakfasts, we’ve had a request to stay in our hotel including full family details and request for room with a balcony! (the confusion with Sandal’s hotels never ends) and yesterday we had a call wanting an appointment at the Sandall Park Doctors surgery – he wouldn’t take no for answer! Of course we gave advice and he will survive………


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