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Monster Fish Caught

A Sandall Park Angling Club member has managed to hook a mystery catch.

It is the first time this one has been caught and will give a nasty bite if handled wrongly.

SPAC Chairman Scott Holland said – “We’ve seen nothing like this before. It is possible that our new stock has had a reaction to the GM white bread and chapati that people feed ducks.”

A Friends of Sandall Park spokesman said: “For health and safety reasons it would be best to keep small children away from the lake”.

Neil + fish jpg

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New Fishing Peg

The good work by the Sandall Park Angling Club continues as they create a new fishing peg near the peninsular.

New peg 2016This peg replaces the mud bath that existed before. New reeds and plants are also being planted by the club.

Further similar pegs will be installed in the coming weeks/months.

Well done guys (and gals!).


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Lake Gets New Fish Stock

As part of a re-stocking programme the Sandall Park Angling Club have brought more fish stock to the lake.

The whole idea is to get the balance of the lakes stock right. This has meant that some fish have been taken away while others have been introduced.

The angling club now have a database of all the fish in the lake. This will assist is monitoring the health of the fish as well as preventing the theft of fish.

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Good Catch

This beauty was caught by angling club member Neil Mangham yesterday.

Well done – good catch.

Neil M Pike

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Pongy Corner – Sorted at Last!

Every lake a has a corner where the debris is blown and Sandall Park is no different.

Every 3 – 4 years our ‘Pongy Corner’ has to be dredged. This area is a particular problem because it is right next to one of the main footpaths around the lake.

This week saw the latest dredging – and a pretty good job they made of it too…………. shame that in about three years it will need doing again. But that’s park life……..

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Angling Clean Up Went Well…..

The Sandall Park Angling Club today completed an unplanned cleanup of the lake.

Angling Cleanup 2015What started as a quick fish rescue escalated into a huge lake clearance.

Brilliant work everyone – especially Mark – who we think never takes his waders off!









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