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Playground to get TLC

On Sunday this week, the playgorund on Barnby Dun Road will be gettinga lic of paint and osme TLC form both our volunteers and volunteeers from Costa Coffee who will be helping us brightn up the play equioment.


This will mean that osme of the lay equipment on Sunday will be out o action for a short period of time. We are sorry for any inconvenience but we will get the equment back in action as soon as possible.

If anyne would lke to give us some help -please feel to join us in the play area from about 11.30am onwards.

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4,000 Facebook ‘Likes’

Sandall Park |facebook page has now well over 4,000 likes. Our Thanks to everyone for  supporting us and the park an for showing such an interest in the park and its developments.

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Adventure Play Launched in Park

a great morning for th park- if a tad windy…. but it is October!


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Sandall Park gets Beer Named!

Sandall Park will soon have a new beer named after it – courtesy of Doncaster Brewery and Tap. See their page for details of their marvellous establishment: It’s great that FoSP can become involved with local businesses to promote both their organisations. Partnership at its best. Great for Doncaster.

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Volunteers Threatened by Yobs

On Wednesday 25th October two of our volunteers were threatened by yobs in the park CLICK HERE to read an article in the Doncaster Free Press that sums up the sequence of events that night.

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Fire Damage Repaired

Th erecnt fire damage to our new play equipmnt has no been epaired by DMBC staff and is as good as new – ready Saturday’s launch…. see you there.

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