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Record Number at FakeFest

Yesterdays Fake Festival saw record numbers attend on what turned out to be a cool day.

Well done Fake Festivals for putting on such a show and well done to everyone who supported the event and came to Sandall Park.


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Got to be the Biggest Yet…….

With the main acts still to go – this evening feels like the busiest Fake Festival yet. It feels like a full house and great family atmosphere.

Our thanks to Fake Festivals for coming to our park……..

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FakeFest Weather

We’ll take this weather for tomorrows Fake Festival. Dry and a drop in the wind…..

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Egg Hunt Weather Forecast

We’ll take this weather for this Thursdays Egg Hunt and Hook a Duck Championships…. just wrap up warm!

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FoSP Calling Rubber Duck……

We’re increasing the number of pools for Hook a Duck Championships this Easter to cater for the increasing numbers so we need to buy more ducks!

Has anyone seen those in a mesh pack with one large duck and several smaller ones sat on its back?

I think we got the last lot from Home Bargains years ago – but can’t find any now. Not all ducks are suitable as many don’t float upright and certainly not with hook on its head!

If anyone sees any can you drop us a line please?

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“For Personal Use Gov”

What we need is a free trade agreement (seems topical). Ever been stopped by customs? Well we were stopped by the checkout lady on suspicion of buying too many chocolate eggs!

That’s another few hundred – we tried the ‘they’re for personal use’ argument but it didn’t wash……. we’re getting there – common sense prevailed in the end.

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