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What a Day THAT Was!

An unbelievable day in the park with 500 Santa’s and reindeer’s taking part in the Doncaster Santa Dash.

A huge thankyou to everyone who took part, the council neighbourhood team (without them the event would not go ahead) all our own volunteers and of course all the sponsors for the Dash.

Massive well done to Ready Steady Store – they were here today but their main support has been the storage of the Santa suits (obvious) and the distribution of the suits and antlers (not so well known). Again without them the Dash would not go ahead. 

Magnificent – bring on 2017 (10th December by the way!)

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Pooch Ready for the Dash?

You may be ready for the Doncaster Santa Dash but is your pooch? Best dressed dog judging at 10.30 on Sunday……. Woof Woof!

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Good Santa Day in the Park

Today saw dozens of Santa suits handed out in the park and dozens more entries for next weeks Santa Dash.

Seven sleeps to go…….


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Defib Officially Available

The Public Access Defibrillator is now available for use after being officially launched on Saturday.


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CPR/Defib Training Available

We have received this communication from the British Heart Foundation. The parkrunners will be ‘kick starting’ the training for Sandall Park in the coming weeks, and if your group wants to borrow the training kit, just let us know.

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Defibrillator Now in Place…….

The defibrillator funded by Parkrunners is now fully installed and operational. We rarely get damage in the park – but sods law has dictated that last week we had some damage caused in the very gents toilet block next to where the defib is housed.

We have almost 3000 followers of Facebook – we ask that every time you walk, cycle, drive or even pass the park on a bus – just look across and check that the equipment is safe. That’s a lot of eyes looking after something that is a REAL lifesaver.

Our thanks go to Parkrun and all the parkrunners who have allowed this vital bit of kit to be available for all people who visit and use the park.

Hopefully it will never be used and will sit there gathering dust! BUT if it is needed just dial 999 and the ambulance service will give you code to release the equipment.

Meanwhile parkrun and FoSP are providing training in the use of CPR and the defibrillator.

Sandall Park is the only Doncaster park and green space to have this type of equipment available to the public 24/7. Let’s all look after it. Thankyou.


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