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Not Good but it Happens…..

Someone overnight upended our Tour de Yorkshire cycle and all the flower baskets on it.

Worse things have happened in urban parks but it’s annoying all the same. Delighted to see our volunteers hard at ‘work’ unfazed by the problem.

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Gabions Fixed

Today saw a joint work party of FoSP and Angling Club volunteers repairing damage to the gabions caused by children breaking into them and taking the stones out.

We’re pretty please with the end product – you can hardly tell the difference…… except the repaired ones have no debris or litter in them!

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Spring Clean Stats

Here are some interesting stats from the Spring Clean weekend – well done to everyone who took part…… and got wet – you are in these stats somewhere!


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Goal Posts Stolen……..

We’re going through a bad patch at the moment with more crimes reported in the last week than we have had in the last year (in fact five years). This one is detectable though.

On Friday evening a set of two metal goal posts and nets were stolen from next to the football club container. Two ‘people’ were apparently seen carrying them across the park and on to the Clay Lane estate.

Things like this can cripple a small group like Sandall Park Rangers Junior Footbal Club so any information would be appreciated. Report any information via Crimestoppers, 101 or PM us (via Facebook) in confidence. We want these back.


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Cycles Stolen

Last weekend two of the pedal cycles used for cycle training in the park were stolen.

The two bikes are Dawes Red Feather step through frame. They have unique identification features. Although they are called ‘Red Feather’ they are cream in colour. These bikes are quite rare especially the ‘step through’ ones. They are not sold through main shops.

A) Did anyone see anything? B) Can you share this and make the bikes too hot to ride!

Any information please to Crimestoppers on 0800555111 to the police via 101 or in confidence to ourselves.

Cycle lessons will be continuing using spare bikes.

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Trashed Toilets! #Annoyed

‘Someone’ just doesn’t want the park toilets stay open. Cleaned and stocked up by volunteers this morning, the ladies was trashed by the end of play today.

The toilets would normally be closed throughout the winter until the 1st April but as most know – volunteers have worked hard to keep them open. We are beginning to wonder maybe why?

The great thing is that we know that 99.9% of park visitors welcome the facilities in the park and as always we will never let one setback knock us off course – we’ve come too far………..

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