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Don’t be a Loafer Campaign Goes On…….

Another campaign day in the park – encouraging people not to give the ducks and geese white bread.

It started with our volunteers doing a live interview with BBC Radio Sheffield at 7am (in the dark!) Great interviews and coverage.

This was then followed a blitz of Tweets on the subject and then later in the day volunteers set up an information stand handing out bird seed and information sheets.

Well done volunteers and thanks to everyone for your support.




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Please Don’t Dump Bread

This is taking the mickey! It’s not feeding ducks – it’s dumping full stop.

Polluting the lake, killing the wildlife, attracting rats and making ‘Pongy Corner’ even worse than it is already. DON’T DO IT!

Bread in lake

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Info Board Damaged…..

We always do an assessment after a busy period in the park and we reckon Sandall Park was the busiest Park in the Borough over the BH weekend (probably).

Sadly some minor damage was caused to picnic benches (we’ll sort it). The worst thing was the information board near the Bog Garden was destroyed/Stolen….. another £40!

This is rare but it is the second time in a year that this particular board has been destroyed…… the memorial tree next to it has also been stolen. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

An interesting discussion on our Facebook page on this one too!


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Plant Theft……,

We have a thief in our midst. First one Cordyline was stolen from the square planter on the picnic area, and now another from the boat.

These are not cheap plants, they are not council owned but put in by FoSP volunteers.  Any information would be appreciated.

Stolen plant

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Crossbow Danger……..

Vigilance needed please. An empty box that had contained a crossbow was today found in the park. Needless to say this is not normal, worrying and of serious concern – especially regarding wildlife in the park.

We ask that everyone please be vigilant and report anything suspicious a) via 101 or b) to us in confidence via a PM (facebook) or by Email (and we will make sure the appropriate action is taken). Dial 999 if appropriate.

Nationally we hear of regular incidents where swans, geese and ducks have been shot with crossbows. Let’s be proactive and make sure this doesn’t happen in our park.

Please share, be aware and take appropriate action when safe to do so.
crossbow box

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Kids Hitting Ducks – Not Good!

Eyes peeled please. Report  that two youngsters were hitting the ducks with sticks and throwing stones at them.

Park Pics May 3013 011They were challenged by some ladies but ignored them and continued on their attack. This is on the run up to it getting dark so if you’re in the park at that time, please take note. The police and NRT have been informed.

Thanks very much.


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