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Kids Hitting Ducks – Not Good!

Eyes peeled please. Report  that two youngsters were hitting the ducks with sticks and throwing stones at them.

Park Pics May 3013 011They were challenged by some ladies but ignored them and continued on their attack. This is on the run up to it getting dark so if you’re in the park at that time, please take note. The police and NRT have been informed.

Thanks very much.


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Don’t Nick the Daffs!

A parent was seen today supervising an apparent competition to see which of their children could collect the most daffodils. In fact armfuls of of daffs.

DaffodilsPicking cultivated flowers is theft. Picking cultivated flowers in Sandall Park is theft. Q: Who cultivated them? A: Mostly us.

DON’T DO IT! We planted them for everyone to enjoy.




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Quad Bike Damage…….

The following report appears in the Doncaster Free Press on-line following persistent damage to grass in the park by a quad bike rider.

Quad - giving fingerA masked quad bike rider who caused “huge” damage after rampaging through a Doncaster beauty spot is being hunted.
Mobile phone footage of the biker giving a one-finger salute and shouting abuse before tearing up football pitches at Sandall Park has emerged.

And now the volunteer group which helps care for the park has issued a plea in tracking down the yob in a bid to prevent a repeat.

Don Crabtree of Friends of Sandall Park said: “These quad bike problems go in phases.

“This latest one has caused a huge amount of damage to the park. He needs to be stopped before he injures someone.

“It is just a matter of time before someone, a child or a pet is knocked over and injured.”

The footage was captured on the morning of February 5 by a visitor to the park and copies of the film have now been sent to Doncaster Council and South Yorkshire Police as well as the Free Press.

The royal blue quad bike was initially spotted coming across the football field from Clay Lane and drove past at speed before heading towards the old golf course.

The visitor, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: The quad started doing doughnuts on the grassed area before entering the old golf course.

“I could see through the gap in the hedge that the vehicle was doing doughnuts around the old golf course and ripping up the grass.”

Shortly afterwards, the bike, which has the words Quadzilla Power on the side of it, came back through the park along the footpath at speed, again tearing up football fields before exiting the park towards Clay Lane.

Added Mr Crabtree: “The aim of the Friends of Sandall Park is to make the park safe for everyone.

Anyone with information can contact Crimestoppers, the police or ourselves in confidence.

A video of the whole incident can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.



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Motorbikes Rip Up The Park

It happens every so often and it did again last night – motorbikes and a quad bikes ripping up the grass in the park.

Firstly if anyone see’s this happening (it was early evening yesterday) please ring 101 (Police) or the council Neighbourhood Response Team on 01302 341628 (out of hours) and report it. On the other hand if you know who these people are please feel free to PM us with details – we usually get a result!

These people do not travel for miles to ride round Sandall Park.


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Rain Equals More litter

We don’t think it would take a great deal of research to find out why when it rains the parks car parks see an increase in litter.

02-01-16This last week has been a classic example – fast food in the car and rather than get wet doing the right thing they chuck the litter out of the car window. Appalling!

If you don’t want to get wet – take the bloomin’ litter home! Simples.

There has been a very interesting debate on our Facebook page on this one about who is responsible and how can it be prevented.


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Not Smart – Also Pretty Stupid…..

The season of good will appears to have passed us by! The infamous poo tree has flowered again. Unfortunately this species is becoming more familiar – not just in Sandall Park but across the country (our colleagues in other parks report the same species).

20151220_141127Botanical research has shown that it ‘flowers’ when dog owners pick up when they think they are being watched……. and then tie or throw the dog poo bag (and contents) in a tree or bush.

The problem is that it is even more difficult to dispose of than if they had not picked up in the first place.

There is more intelligence in our pond life!


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