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Litter Tossers Alert!

Tossing litter from a vehicle revs people off the clock (pun intended) and doing so in our car park is no different……..

Where we can gather the appropriate evidence FoSP will always take action through the authorities.

Tossers should be on their guard…………….. we have had many conviction for litter offences in the park.


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BBC Radio Sheffield Article

Our thanks to BBC Radio Sheffield for the coverage of our ‘on’t be a loafer’ campaign.

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Don’t Be a Loafer

Our campaign to feed our wildlife more healthily by not giving the ducks and geese bread is gathering momentum……

This nice little poster and poem just about sums up the problem. (Poem by our Chairman)


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Please Don’t Dump Bread

This is taking the mickey! It’s not feeding ducks – it’s dumping full stop.

Polluting the lake, killing the wildlife, attracting rats and making ‘Pongy Corner’ even worse than it is already. DON’T DO IT!

Bread in lake

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Duck Food Not White Bread

Another new initiative! Our FoSP head gardener Wendy has bagged duck food up and produced some leaflets about what to feed ducks.

Both she and FoSP Ranger Les will be handing these bags of food (and leaflets) to people feeding bread to the ducks.

There will be other volunteers following their lead. A brilliant way to discourage bread feeding and hopefully stop the dreaded Angel Wings from affecting the wildfowl that people come to the park to see and feed.

Bread  Food Duck

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Volunteer Day Went Well

Great work from our volunteers in the park with loads of those ‘little’ jobs completed.

Huge thanks also to our youngest volunteer Harrison for the huge amount of effort he put into making the park a nicer place for everyone.

Team Photo

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