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Council Strike: Suspended

PHEW! All the effort and loads of volunteers willing to open and clean the toilets…… and the strike is suspended!

Toilets YESOur thanks to the cafe staff who volunteered to open the toilets during the strike period and to all our own volunteers who were willing to put in extra time making sure the loo’s were OK.

We even had people willing to empty the park litter bins – great stuff. Thankyou and well done.

What next?



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Council Strike: The Park

Not good news: As a result of the industrial action by some council staff over the next ten days litter bins in the park will NOT be emptied and the toilets will NOT be opened.

Bin overflow 20-04-2014We are working on a plan with our volunteers to keep the toilets open if possible. We will keep you updated.

We have no capacity to sort the bins – that’s park life.








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Pongy Corner – A Plan……..

Yeah – we know that ‘Pongy Corner’ is an embarrassment.

Pongy Corner July 2015It has to be dredged every couple of years but it is particularly bad at the moment with the water level so low. Plans are in hand to have it ‘sorted’ again soon. It is not as easy as it may appear because as well as the cost there are environmental issues to consider as well.





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Finger Licking Litter – Sorted (hopefully)

Following the deluge of KFC branded litter in the park – we’ve had a productive meeting with KFC management and DMBC enforcement officer…….. hopefully things will improve – watch this space as we will will be monitoring the litter.

KFCBy the way it’s £80 to drop KFC (or any other) litter in the park…………….





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Yorkshire Post Film Park……

Yesterday the Yorkshire Post attended the park and made a short film about the litter picking work of the group as part of their Yorkshire wide ‘Clean up Yorkshire’ campaign.

1So the group put on their best BBC voices…. and you can see th result by CLICKING HERE.







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Litter Pick Update

Just four FoSP members turned out for this mornings litter pick – part of the Yorkshire Post campaign to clean up Yorkshire.

CIMG6312The litter was made up of the usual suspects with KFC litter edging out McDonalds at a ratio of about 3:1.

The strangest piece of litter recovered was a pregnancy testing kit!

A big thankyou to our own volunteers who yet again gave up their time to make the park a better place.







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