Big Lunch – BIG Turnout!

That was a great day – Again! The BIG Lunch is proving to be  a popular annual event in the park.

FoSP stallThousands (yes really – at least two!) turned out for this years event organised by the Halifax. Well done to Danielle from the Halifax for yet another great event in the park.









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2 thoughts on “Big Lunch – BIG Turnout!”

  1. Hi, can you tell me where I can find the photos from the big lunch day on Sunday? It was a fantastic event and enjoyed by loads of people, it would be great to see the piccys. Thank you to all who were involved in bringing it together.

  2. Darryl, thanks for your kind comments. We are actually trying to pull some photo’s together. As you will be aware we normally publish plenty of photo’s of all events in the park but on this occasion with the event not being led a by ourselves we were also assisting another event at the same time with the Riding for the Disabled Association and our usual ‘snapper’ was helping out there. Give us a bit of time and we’ll try and get some photo’s from others who were there.

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