Fountain Back up and Running……

The fountain has been ‘under the weather’ recently mainly because it gets clogged up when the water level drops.

CIMG6414Huge thanks then to the Sandall Park Angling Club for getting it and cleaning the filter. There you go – good as new! (To be honest it’s better than when it was new).




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Dodgy Holes Filled in……..

CIMG6413We are delighted to report that the filling rattling holes in the main car park have now been filled in – thankfully before anyone got hurt.

Took some time but the council got there in the end. Thankyou DMBC.


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Bouncy Castles – When Weather Permits

Bouncy castles will be in the park throughout the school holidays when weather permits.

P1030397This means if the weather is wet or too windy the bouncy castles clearly will not be available for safety reasons.

This a great addition to the parks attractions at the busiest time of the year.




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Fishing Tackle Recovered

Congratulations to the Sandall Park Angling Club who on finding that a vulnerable angler had his equipment stolen took decisive action that resulted in the offender being found and property returned to its rightful owner.

Well done to all concerned. Really good to see the new club coming on in leaps and bounds – a great asset to the park.



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Pongy Corner – A Plan……..

Yeah – we know that ‘Pongy Corner’ is an embarrassment.

Pongy Corner July 2015It has to be dredged every couple of years but it is particularly bad at the moment with the water level so low. Plans are in hand to have it ‘sorted’ again soon. It is not as easy as it may appear because as well as the cost there are environmental issues to consider as well.





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Motorcycle Danger

We are aware of the off road motorbike that has been riding in the park. He is a danger to everyone.

The police are aware and have photographs and details. However, if the bike reappears or any motorbikes are seen in the park please ring 101 and report it.

FoSP can’t be there all the time and the police need to know of incidents.



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