LGA Conference – Harrogate

OK – FoSP were invited to the LGA Conference in Harrogate (nice place – good venue) to ask a question to a panel of national and regional politicians.

20150701_150809The question was prepared and submitted in advance and agreed….. but it never happened – our question never came up. Predictable. The chosen questions on the day were about education, housing, children’s services, voting age……. Predictable.

Parks are just not on the political agenda – even though they impact on almost all the subjects discussed. This is why it is even more important (and makes us even more determined) to make sure parks and green spaces are on the agenda of those that count.

Parks (and of course Sandall Park) are the playground of those who do not have gardens, help keep people fit and healthy, educate people about nature and wildlife, let children explore and learn……. especially the hard knocks of life!

We’re up against it. Parks need your help – “use it or lose it” has long been our phrase of choice. You can help by sharing this post.

Great day by the way – and we got a chance to examine new electronic waste bins and the latest in public toilets….. sort of makes us sleep easy at night!


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