These in our Lake?

Can you believe that these tiddlers were caught in our lake this week? 

Anging picsWell done guys (and gals)… pretty impressive.









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100th Parkrun Coming Up……

Next Saturday will see the one hundredth parkrun in Sandall Park – what a great day to break the ‘numbers’ record!

ParkrunCan you imagine – that’s 100 weeks when volunteers have made this event happen?

Just run it – failing that just turn up and support what is the parks most supported event.





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Parkrun – Head-Cam video

If you have ever wondered what it is like to complete a parkrun in Sandall Park then you can get a ‘feel’ for it by watching this great head-cam video taken oner of the runners on the 8th August.

One of our best events in the park just gets better and better.

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Park Book – New Print Run….

We have had to do another print run of 100 for the ‘Sandall Park Past and Present’ book and they should be with us soon.

Books can be purchased from us or the Tourist Information Office in town. £6.50 with all proceeds going back into the park.

Book Cover

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Play Equipment Getting Repaired

The cone shaped climbing play equipment on the Barnby Dun Road side play area has been removed after concerns following a safety check.

General park pictures 001The plan is that it will be repaired and replaced as soon as possible. The area where it was has been fenced off – the rest of the play area and equipment is still open for use.




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Weekend Weather Looking Good….

The weather for the weekends events looks pretty good – especially for the Lion’s Sports and Fun Day on Saturday.


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