Great Picture

This great picture of the lake and ‘Peg 2’ (for the anglers) was sent to us by Michael Gibbons.

Fantastic shot…… thanks Mick!


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Santa Brings New Bench

It’s been requested for a long time but Santa has brought everyone an early Christmas present – a new bench seat in the main play area on Barnby Dun Road.

CIMG6581Our thanks to Cllr Eva Hughes for having a word with Santa – we are sure this present will be well used…..





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Free Press – Dash Coverage

Good full page of coverage and photo’s of the Santa Dash in the Free Press this morning………

A very merry Christmas to the staff at the Doncaster Free Press who have supported throughout 2015.

Free Press Logo

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Parkrun – Boxing Day

Don’t forget the Doncaster parkrun will take place in Sandall Park on boxing day – same parkrun time – same parkrun place.

ParkrunA great way to shake off those Christmas hangovers!

Failing that – just have a walk round the park….. usually does the trick!





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Not Smart – Also Pretty Stupid…..

The season of good will appears to have passed us by! The infamous poo tree has flowered again. Unfortunately this species is becoming more familiar – not just in Sandall Park but across the country (our colleagues in other parks report the same species).

20151220_141127Botanical research has shown that it ‘flowers’ when dog owners pick up when they think they are being watched……. and then tie or throw the dog poo bag (and contents) in a tree or bush.

The problem is that it is even more difficult to dispose of than if they had not picked up in the first place.

There is more intelligence in our pond life!


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Not Smart – In Fact Pretty Stupid…..

Doesn’t happen very often (thankfully) but we’ve had a bit of damage – only a little in the greater scheme of things, but annoying nonetheless. 

20151220_141956The old photograph on the information board near the bog garden has been destroyed. Shame really as it brought so much pleasure to so many people.

We’ll replace it of course – lasted four years before this damage so all being well it will last another four years.

The cost isn’t too annoying – it is the fact that we could be doing so much more productive things with our time.

Any information would be appreciated.


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