Sandall Park Mystery…..

OK – calling all Super Sleuths…… see if you can come up with a theory on this one.

The facts:

20160129_1747171. Yesterday we recovered more than 100 spirit bottle security tags (the type that needs a machine to be removed) dumped in the park – mostly in plastic Morrisons carrier bags. They looked new – but several were slightly damaged and there was a slight whiff of intoxicants.
2. The location was on the old golf course – near to the layby on Barnby Dun Road – at the end where the houses are.
3. About 11pm last night persons with torches were seen in the same area – as was a transit type vehicle (of course may not be connected).

The found property has been reported to the police – but we would be interested in theories as to where the security tags actually came from.


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