Thankyou Green Tree Inn

A great day in the park with volunteers from the Green Tree Inn…… until the snow came!

Lots achieved including marking out the car park, painting the wooden park benches and doing some repair work in the toilets.

Some bits need completing but severe weather put an end to proceedings for the day – well done everyone!


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Painting the Park!

We’ve got a volunteer day in the park tomorrow – Wednesday 10am.

Crown CarveriesStaff will be joining us from the The Green Tree Inn for a mega painting session. So don’t hang about or you’ll end up a nice shade of green!

You could of course join us – just turn up in your scruffs…..





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The 100 Club Winners for April Are………….

The winners of our 100 Club for April are …. drum roll ….. M. Hood, S. Crabtree and E. Hughes.

100 ClubThank you very much for your support everyone, and if you didn’t win this time, better luck next month.





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Kids Hitting Ducks – Not Good!

Eyes peeled please. Report  that two youngsters were hitting the ducks with sticks and throwing stones at them.

Park Pics May 3013 011They were challenged by some ladies but ignored them and continued on their attack. This is on the run up to it getting dark so if you’re in the park at that time, please take note. The police and NRT have been informed.

Thanks very much.


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Thankyou Parkrun

Parkrun has been in the news in the south of the country when a parish council unwisley decided to charge for the use of a park for the weekly parkrun.

ParkrunThis has quite rightly attracted world-wide condemnation. It has also focussed attention on the many parks and groups who support the parkrun across the country – including our very own Doncaster parkrun.


The following are some very kind words from the Doncaster parkrun Director:

“As you all know parkrun has been in the news quite a bit this week but I wanted to post a message today on a more positive note about our parkrun in Doncaster.

We have been very lucky to have had tremendous support from Doncaster Council, who played a huge part in helping us get started two and a half years ago and continue to support us to this day. Did you know the local councillor for Wheatley actually runs our parkrun most weeks!

A massive amount of the funding necessary to keep our park in the condition you find it however is achieved with the work of a small group of volunteers, the Friends of Sandall Park. The Friends of Sandall Park are also a massive reason that parkrun in Sandall Park is so successful, did you know that the toilets are only open in the winter for us to use because these volunteers actually clean the toilets for us!

This group raise funds by holding events and a large amount of the playground equipment, planting flowers, digging beds, painting benches etc. is done and provided by them.

I am not sure how many parkrunners nationally have become members of their Friends group or volunteered in their local park.

Perhaps we should take a look at ourselves and realise that life is not always about taking and you have to give something back. Just imagine what could be achieved if 100 parkrunners dedicated a couple of hours to help out in the park!

Thanks again to DMBC and Friends of Sandall Park for all you do for us, it is appreciated.”

And our thanks to such a great gang of people who have chosen to use Sandall park!

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Thanks to ASDA

Our thanks to Asda, Wheatley, for selecting us as one of the beneficiaries of their “Chosen by you, given by us” campaign.

We received a cheque for £50 which we’re sure Wendy will be able to spend on plants.

Sandall Park's photo.
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