Lion’s Fun & Sports Day 2016

Saturday 13th August 2016 – Sandall Park – 10am

For the 36th year running the Lions of District 105C are proud to be organising their Annual Fun and Sports Day for the Disabled. 

Over the years the Lions and Lionesses of District 105C have worked together to make this into one of the main events in the Lionistic year attracting competitors from across the whole of District C & beyond as well as some of their neighbouring Clubs.

The rules are simple:  whether it be a group from one specific organisation or individual families everyone is welcome to take part.  The only stipulation is that anyone competing must have learning difficulties or physical impairment, however carers, family and friends are also welcome to come along and enjoy the day with them.  Every competitor gets a medal to take home and there is a trophy for the winner of each game.


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