Toilets Closed for the Winter

Sadly the park toilets will be closed from today for the winter. It is not ideal and is not something FoSP want but there are several reasons for this.

Firstly, The toilets are only open at all due to volunteers cleaning them and funding ALL the consumables – it costs us £800 a year and we have to fund raise to keep the toilets open even for the summer.

Secondly, the toilets are opened daily by the council grounds team of which many are seasonal workers and apparently there are not enough in the winter to carry out the task.

Thirdly, in previous years serious damage has been caused to the toilets by frost. The result is that the water systems are often drained during the winter to prevent this.

It is not ideal. If anyone is not happy with the situation (like us) they should direct their complaint to the council at:

When we have previously run a campaign to try and keep the toilets open we have asked that people complain to the council and let their feelings be known. Not one person (apart from FoSP members) has done so. This pretty well weakens our position in trying to keep them open.


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