Defibrillator Now in Place…….

The defibrillator funded by Parkrunners is now fully installed and operational. We rarely get damage in the park – but sods law has dictated that last week we had some damage caused in the very gents toilet block next to where the defib is housed.

We have almost 3000 followers of Facebook – we ask that every time you walk, cycle, drive or even pass the park on a bus – just look across and check that the equipment is safe. That’s a lot of eyes looking after something that is a REAL lifesaver.

Our thanks go to Parkrun and all the parkrunners who have allowed this vital bit of kit to be available for all people who visit and use the park.

Hopefully it will never be used and will sit there gathering dust! BUT if it is needed just dial 999 and the ambulance service will give you code to release the equipment.

Meanwhile parkrun and FoSP are providing training in the use of CPR and the defibrillator.

Sandall Park is the only Doncaster park and green space to have this type of equipment available to the public 24/7. Let’s all look after it. Thankyou.


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Soggy Parkrun Today


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CPR Training Kit Available

The Friends of Sandall Park now have possession of this training kit for training people in the use of CPR.

We will be working with local groups – particularly those who use the park for sporting purposes.


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Tree Trail – Have a Look On-Line

If you haven’t tried our tree trail yet – you should. It’s free and it’s a great way to have a look around the park.

You can have a look at the tree trail on-line by CLICKING HERE.

You can download the free App and track the tree’s around the park.


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No November FoSP Meeting

There will not be a FoSP meeting in November – the meeting will now take place on Wednesday 7th December at Sandalwood Communal Hall at 7pm.



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Litter Tossers Alert!

Tossing litter from a vehicle revs people off the clock (pun intended) and doing so in our car park is no different……..

Where we can gather the appropriate evidence FoSP will always take action through the authorities.

Tossers should be on their guard…………….. we have had many conviction for litter offences in the park.


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