Quad Bike Problem – Again!

Bit of help needed please. We have another quad bike problem this time on the old Golf Course. Late evening 7.30pm -10pm. No lights, no plates , no numbers. The authorities are aware but as we know it’s a tricky one to sort……. but not impossible – with everyones help.

There is a huge danger to park users even at this time of the evening as there are plenty of evening dog walkers on the park at this time.

It would be a real shame if they crashed into a tree (honest). We’d hate a tree to be damaged!

In the first instance please ring 101 or the out of hours council response team on 01302 341628 (out of hours). You can message us but we are not the fourth emergency service. Any description would be great – they usually head off on Thorne road towards town.

We have good record of eventually catching these people so let’s do it again.

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