It All Kicked off!

Following the report by a well wisher that the youths were back in the park setting fire to th new play equipment, two members of FoSP went down. They spoke to a couple of lads; saw several motorbikes blatting round the golf course and then a gang of around 15 – 20 juveniles entered the park. Their behaviour was totally threatening and they surrounded the two volunteers, who they towered above. Some were on push bikes. They pulled their hoodies and balaclavas over their faces. One youth (none must have been older than 16yrs) said they were going to come back and fire bomb the play equipment. The police were called via 999 (incident 930) and the NRT were called. Once the NRT arrived the gang dispersed. These are someone’s sons and daughters (yes there were 3 girls). This was not a nice experience – but at least they know we’re not going to stand for it.

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