Duck Health Problem – Latest.

We  have managed to get an update on the duck situation. It is duck/goose related ONLY.

It is not known exactly what it is yet, possibly aviation botchulism but cannot be confirmed until further tests have been conducted at Thirsk. Humans are not in any danger – usual hygiene is all that is required. If you have been near the lake, touched any ducks or whatever WASH YOUR HANDS. Don’t let children touch anything (they tend to put hands in mouth) and if they do – wash their hands. Dogs are not in any danger but should be kept on a lead. 
It is safe to visit the park, but we re-iterate – personal hygiene should be observed. It would be advisable not to feed the ducks and geese at this time. As soon as the illness is confirmed we will let you know.

Sandra, Chairman FoSP.

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