Save the Ducks – Donate NOW! (Please)

Due to the terrible situation with the condition of the lake, and the devastating impact it had on our duck population, it has been necessary to purchase an aerator to pump the water round the lake. This is in addition to the existing fountain which couldn’t cope with the entire lake. 

The cost of this (£925) has severely depleted our funds which are used to regenerate the park. 

All our funds go back in to the park – we donated over £4000 to the Woodland Adventure Play area phase 1 and substantial amounts to other play areas.

If you witnessed the plight of the ducks (and even if you didn’t) we hope you will help us in our quest to recoup some of this cost. Thank you for your continued support.

CLICK HERE to make a donation.

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2 thoughts on “Save the Ducks – Donate NOW! (Please)”

  1. if its not the spice heads in town begging its the council. Pay for your own airstone.maybe cut the weedkileer fund and divert some money into a airstone.

  2. Hi, I think you have aimed at the wrong people.This is NOT the website of the council. It belongs to The Friends of Sandall Park (FoSP), a totally voluntary none profit community group. Our volunteers and those of the angling club have gone above and beyond what should be expected of volunteers to resolve this problem. The council have declined to fund or even part fund this necessary equipment. FoSP have funded the purchase out of reserves designated for other improvements to the park. This request for public donations is to replenish our financial reserves. We have already made the purchase in an effort to save our wildlife.

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