Dogs On Leads Please………

It’s that time of the year again when we have a lot of goslings and ducklings in the park. So, a request please that dogs owners keep their dogs on a lead near the lake. We were down this early morning checking the new tarmac and saw one owner allowing their dog to chase geese.

The geese can fly off but the goslings can’t. We would remind people it is an offence to allow their dog to worry wildlife in the park.and the area is also subject of a Public Space Protection Order – which means that dogs must be kept on a lead on the paths around the lake. A fixed penalty ticket can be issued in these circumstances. We have asked the council for increased enforcement.

The lake side and childrens play areas are the only places in the park where dogs should be on a lead. This is reasonable, the park is massive and there is room for everyone.

We thank everyone for their co-operation.

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Hook a Duck and Egg Hunt Pictures

Ok, They have been on Facebook but here are pictures from this years Egg Hunt and Hook a Duck Championships.


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Ready Steay Store Eggstravaganza.

The Egg hunt on Thursday will work in the same way it has for the last 4 years.

It is FREE! Thanks to the very generous sponsorship of Ready Steady Store (click here for their website) who have paid for all the chocolate eggs, sweets and lollies. We couldn’t run our events without their help and sponsorship – we store all our event kits there.

It starts at 11am. On arrival go to the Ready Steady Store gazebo and collect a map. On the map is marked areas of the park where coloured wooden eggs are hidden. Find the ‘eggs’ and write down the colour of the eggs on the map. Complete the Wordsearch on the rear of the map if you want to, that’s just something extra for the children to do.

Write your details on the map and hand it back in BEFORE 1pm if you want to be entered into the draw for a HUGE teddy. It will be drawn at 1pm sharp. You will get a chocolate egg for each map  returned (though families can share if you don’t want one form each)

The judging of the Easter Bonnet competition will be at 1pm and will be judged by the manager from McDonald’s restaurant (and Mickie and Minnie Mouse if they’re available), near to the Ready Steady Store gazebo. The bonnet must be accompanied by the owner – we can’t take responsibility for them.

The World Hook a Duck will take the same format as usual – £1 entry per person (no concessions sorry). This year, thanks to RSS’s generosity, each child entrant will get a free egg. There will be prizes for the top junior and senior ‘duck hookers’.

Have a great time – the forecast is good and it’s going to be busy. If you enjoy the day, please consider making a small donation. Every penny will go back into the park.


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New Trees cut Down by Council.

In 2017 15 healthy and substantial Lime trees were delivered to the old council depot o Barnby Dun Road. They remained there until early 2017 and appeared to have been forgotten.

Early in 2018 FoSP volunteers asked the council what the trees were for and could Sandall park benefit from them if they were not needed. DMBC stated that the trees were destined for a project in Tickhill. The trees remained in the depot throughout 2018.

In February and march 2019 more requests were made to the Council about the trees. Then at the beginning of April 2019 to the horror of our volunteers, they discovered that all 15 of the Lime trees the trees had been sawn off at the base.

The Council claim that the trees would not have survived being planted – we don’t believe them!


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Cycle Racks installed

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FoSP Join Council

Due to the amount of work generated between FoSP and the council, DMBC have very kindly offered us office space!

It would save all the to-ing and fro-ing of emails – we’ll be able to just pop down the corridor and get answers straight away.

They do have a system of Hot Desks so we wouldn’t have an office as such  but it’s a start!

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