Kingfisher on the Lake!

A kingfisher was not only spotted but photographed on the lake yesterday.

Our thanks to the |Angling Club chairman Scott Holland for this great photo. We have had reports of a kingfisher in the park before but never seen a picture….. until now!

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New FoSP Banners

We saved our pennies and have been able to purchase two new banners for our events. On is a FoSP banner and the other (not shown is a joint FoSP and Junior Ranger banner)

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Rare Griffiti Attack

Friday night saw our first graffiti attack in the last 15 years but the park has always been susceptible to someone having a bad day armed with a can of spray paint.

It is a shame but it is something that we come expect during school holidays

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6,000 Followers on facebook

YES! 6, followers. Now that is amazing for a community voluntary group.

A HUGE thankyou to you all for your support. The coming period will define Sandall park for the next generation and the help and support of  everyone will be needed to make the park a success for future generations.

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Phone Found!

We have a smartphone that was found this morning near the park on Thorne Road. If you have lost one please contact us with some details and we’ll make sure you get it back ASAP.

We’re pretty sure it belongs to a runner/jogger who has dropped it.

*****NOTE: The owner of this phone has now been traced. Thakyou for everyones help.*********

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Tree People Leaflet Ready……

We have had an information leaflet printed about the TiCLsticks Tree People trail.

You can donload th leaflet to print yourself by CLICKING HERE.

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