Letter From IFOSP

This was sent from America but didn’t make it to the Free Press this week. Noelle (New Jersey) explains herself.

“I’m writing on behalf of our group, International Friends of Sandall Park. (IFoSP)

Our back story, we are a group friends who met on Twitter because of our love and respect for Louis Tomlinson. Louis is proud of his roots and always talks about his wonderful memories of growing up in Doncaster.

We first came across the FoSP account when we were researching the history of Doncaster. We read about the story of their handicapped accessible playground. The volunteers helped to raise almost 15k to cover the costs. We’ve followed their account ever since. Over the past year We’ve watched so many projects, programs and community events being held at the park. We were amazed by the strong support of all the Volunteers.

In March of 2019 our IFoSP group was formed. We are five women; Noelle, Kimberly, Amanda (All American), Tabitha – Australia, Ester – Netherlands. We wanted to plant a tree in Louis’ hometown to help us channel our grief into something positive. We were so honored and moved when Sandra surprised us by purchasing a cherry blossom tree on her own, for us. The volunteers took great care in planting it in The Quiet Garden of the park. Our group decided that we wanted to continue with supporting the efforts of the park and its volunteers. We have purchased five additional cherry blossom trees that are now planted, by the volunteers, surrounding the original tree. We decided it would be a lovely way to honor our loved ones that have passed. We all plan to visit Doncaster, not only to spend tourism dollars but to visit Sandall Park and our trees. One of our members has already been welcomed with open arms when she made the journey a couple months ago, another will be visiting in May of this year.

The Quiet Garden is a place to promote and support mental health awareness. The volunteers have transformed the space into a beautiful place for reflection. Volunteers built an archway leading into the garden and planted wisteria around it. Benches were also built by the volunteers.

We were saddened to hear that Sandra and Don had resigned from their positions at FoSP. We stand behind them in their decision due to the unfortunate, continued delays in the final ‘go ahead’ approval from council for the new cafe.

We sit with a heavy heart wondering what the future will hold for the park that has been so beautifully cared for and improved out of the love and dedication of its volunteers. If the FoSP group is dissolved, where does that leave one of Doncaster’s largest all inclusive parks? Who will put all the love and care into maintaining and preserving the fifteen years the volunteers put into the park? We hope there is a positive outcome for the future of FoSP and the community”.

Footnote: Noelle designed our “Love Grows Here” logo for the Quiet Garden.

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