Thanks to NHS and Key Workers

Our redundant Easter banners have been transformed into support for all the wonderful people who are helping to keep the country running. Thank you all!

Hand painted by our amazing volunteer Carin who is currently on ‘unpaid leave’ from keeping the park nice. (She doesn’t get paid anyway – that was a joke ).

The banners were erected on our way to do our shopping.

We can all do our bit by exercising in the park – but NOT using the play and fitness facilities. Carin advised two families in the park yesterday – whilst doing her exercise walk – against doing this and was met with abuse. It’s just not on.

Again – thank you to everyone who is working to provide for us that are #stayingathometosavelives.
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Egg Hunt – see You Next Year

Well, it would have been a good day for it tomorrow! Such is life. Here is a selection of photos from the Ready Steady…

Posted by Sandall Park on Wednesday, 8 April 2020


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Stay off Fitness and Play areas Please

For those that don’t understand the instruction “Do not use the equipment or playgrounds” – hopefully this message should be loud and clear. Thank you DMBC for helping get the message across.

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