Old Sandall Park Trail

This could be fun for you and your family. We’ve created a virtual trail around the park using old photos from a bygone era!

All you have to do is download the  FREE! TiCL App to your phone (both Apple and Android work fine). Then go to the park and open the App. You will see the “Old Sandall Park Trail” will be top of the list. Open it and you’ll see a list of old photos with a brief description – just click [DIRECT ME] and an arrow will direct you to the location of the photo – simples! You can even add your own comments and memories.

NOTE: Magnetic catches on your phone cover can/will affect the direction arrow – so it would be wise to take your phone out of its magnetic case to avoid problems.

All technical enquiries direct to TiCL please.

TiCL App

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FREE trails in the Park….

With great weather what a better time go to the park for your exercise (observing social distancing of course) and use the various trails  to keep the kids entertained.  You can download the free App or just print off a map if you haven’t got a smartphone.

1st/36th St Peters Warmsworth Scouts, Cubs and Beavers  created the  fabulous TiCLsticks family. They are now happily living in the trees around the park and can entertain children and families who visit, and get them exercising at the same timeIf you haven’t tried our TiCLsticks trail yet – you should. It’s free and it’s a great way to have a look around the park. The families have all been given names of people linked to the scout/guide movement.

The TiCL app is already up and running.  You can have a look at the tree trail on-line by CLICKING HERE. You can download the free App and track the characters around the park by downloading the TiCL app from the App store or Google play. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have a smartphone CLICK HERE to download and print a map of the rough location of each TiCLperson and let the kids search to their hearts content – a great way to spend your exercise time during lockdown.

CLICK HERE to download an information leaflet on the TiCLsticks Tree people and phone App..

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