Commemoration of the Crisis

Painting stones and leaving them around parks and woods has been on the go for a long time now, and creates a lot amusement and entertainment for families.
The latest thing is colourful ‘snakes’ of stones. Tickhill are doing one on the Buttercross and a young boy is doing one in his street. We were asked if we could have one in the park.
We’ve had discussions with the council and yes we can do something in the park.
It won’t necessarily be a ‘snake’ but it will be a permanent commemoration of the crisis we are all going through and the way it has changed everyone’s life.
The Rainbow is significant in the acknowledgement of the sacrifices all the Key Workers and Emergency Services have made, and how they’ve continued working to keep us all safe. We’d like that reflected in the stones.
So here’s how we’d like to do this:
1. Encourage children to paint a stone – small flat stones no bigger than about 3″ – in a lovely vibrant colour. They need to be flat so we can set them onto a surface, and they won’t protrude too much.
2. Paint their name on the stone, or the name of a loved one, friend, family member they want to be remembered. Perhaps someone could do one with the date 2020; another might want to do an actual rainbow?
3. Leave the stone(s) in the blue tub behind the toilet block in the park. (Use gloves to lift and replace the lid, or use hand sanitiser before and after lifting the lid).
4. We will collect all the stones up periodically and varnish them.
5. When we know how many we’ve got we’ll decide where we’re going to put them. They will be set, so it will be a permanent feature.
This could look really amazing if we get sufficient numbers. On your marks ……….. Get set. Go!

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