New Project for the Park

We have been working on a project in the background which will incorporate the painted stones we’ve been asking you to bring to the park. It will be to commemorate the Covid Crisis and how it has affected our communities.

The project is going to be a sculpture in the park but we can’t reveal what that is going to be yet until it’s finalised.
The stones that people have dropped off (and hopefully will continue to drop off) will form part of the display.

We also want to do a Time Capsule for this project so if you have anything you’d like including in that – nothing too big otherwise we’d need an excavator – please let us know. Things need to be relative to the crisis. We need a suitable receptacle too if anyone has anything please. The last time capsule we did (it’s under the children’s Adventure Trail play area near the main car park) we used two large glass sweet jars so they wouldn’t rot.

It’s an exciting project and one which we think the whole community will get behind and will love when it’s up for all to see.
Please be a part of it – it’s your project too.

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