Enclosed Dog Exercise Area

Many people have asked us for a secure area to be able to let their dogs off without fear of them running off, being chased off, or escaping onto the road in pursuit of a squirrel or something.

Similarly, this sort of space would be ideal for training dogs.
Two years ago we set out a proposal having been ‘offered’ the derelict nursery area, to create an Inclusive Dog Agility Park – Paws Park it was to be called. It would be suitable for wheelchair users and be unique to Doncaster we believe. We underwent numerous site meetings, did a tremendous amount of work and have the proposals all in place, but it is on the back burner until the council have the funds to clear the site.

So, in the interim, we have another proposal. We would like to fence off an area of the old golf course at the Wheatley Hotel end of the park. This would create an enclosed space just for dogs to be off the lead without the risk of losing them. It does not mean that dogs would have to be on a lead on the rest of the golf course or the park, only around the lake as it is now (in accordance with the Public Space Protection Order).

The golf course wouldn’t be changed or look any different other than there would be a fence across, with gates opening onto Thorne Road and Barnby Dun Road – at existing entrances, and one onto the golf course itself. There are dog waste bins at these entrances already. We could also install some dog agility equipment if funds allow.

The only way we could do this would be to raise funds, there is nothing in the coffers that could pay for this. Before we do any more work on it, we need to know if it would be supported by you, the park users. Please consider completing the online survey. We will be doing a paper survey for people we see in the park but with the Covid situation being as it is at the moment, this will be restricted. 

Click here for the survey.


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