New Security Gates

You will now see the gates going up on the main car park.

This has taken much discussion with the council and with Prosec UK who have very generously offered to close the gates at night and open them again in the morning. The cafe car park gate will also be closed.

This is to prevent all the unlawful activity in the car park and the copious amounts of rubbish and other unpleasant debris that the volunteers and council have to clean up every morning. It will also bring security to the park.
There will be signs erected stating at what times the car park will be locked and opened again. Should you be in an unfortunate position to have missed the deadline, Prosec UK will be on the end of the phone and you can request a special visit to let you out. Pedestrian access will be unaffected.
Thank you very much DMBC for being amenable to the installation, and huge thanks to Prosec UK for volunteering to open and close them – without that offer – we couldn’t have had gates.
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Caring Hands

More preparations for the Caring Hands. The hands and plinth received another coat of paint; ballast went into the footings.

While we were working this morning we saw two ladies litter picking – well done and thank you to you ladies! They were still there in the pouring rain as we left. It’s things like that which boost the morale of our volunteers “we’re in this together”.

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