Doncaster Litter Picking Championships

Doncaster’s first ever Litter Picking Championships will be coming to a park near you. Namely Sandall Park.
This will be our first event post lockdown.
We already have the plans worked out for the day, but the date won’t be announced until Lockdown has ended and it’s deemed safe to run events.
There will be opportunities to sponsor prizes too if anyone feels they can contribute (though we appreciate times are hard at the moment).
The way things are, there will be plenty of time to practice – either in the park or where you live, so don’t hold back! You can buy cheap litter pickers from the Thorne Road Poundland. If you can recycle things as you collect – all the better!
There will be several categories based on age and ability, so everyone can take part. We’ll make sure you have a fun day. If any children want to write a story, or draw a picture about litter, it can go on our information board on the day. #Letslearnaboutlitter.
We look forward to seeing you there – whenever it is.
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