Official Launch of Caring Hands Memorial

Today we had the official ‘launch’ of our Caring Hands Memorial.
A few words were said by the chairman Sandra, explaining the concept of the Caring Hands: The idea had started out as being painted stones set around the grass roundabout, but it soon developed into the entwined hands.
It represents the caring hands of the NHS staff, carers, shop staff; delivery drivers; council workers; volunteers and everyone else who reached out to touch hearts and minds during the pandemic. It will be a lasting reminder of everything we’ve been through – together.
She thanked everyone who had been involved in making it a reality, with special thanks to Col who had done incredible work on the whole project.
Our Head Ranger Emma read out a poignant poem she’d penned at the beginning of the pandemic (shown below) and Caitlin, who’d created all the beautiful bows for the fences, cut a symbolic ribbon.
We hope people will be able to enjoy this special symbol for years to come.
(Photos courtesy of FoSP’er Matthew)
Emma’s Poem:
Nobody knew what would happen,
Times changed, and fast,
A script that was unwritten,
This wasn’t in our past.
An invisible virus,
Spreading immeasurable fear,
Isolating us all,
From those we hold dear.
“Help us!” The country cried,
Nothing was enough,
An invisible killer,
Times were going to be tough.
Up stepped an army,
All dressed in blue,
This was the NHS,
Going to help you.
With their hearts on their sleeves,
No bulletproof vests,
An army marched to battle,
Against a virus in our chests.
Not enough equipment,
Numbers rising fast,
More people getting ill,
How long will this last?
A determined army,
Full of people who care,
Nothing could stop them,
These people are rare.
They are hard at work,
While we line the road,
We applaud them,
While they carry the load.
Many more will lose,
This horrific fight,
But we need to remember,
In the darkness there is light.
We are all so thankful,
For the care that is the best,
Together we will get through this,
Thank you NHS!
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Caring Hands Memorial Completed

From the initial idea, to the planning, designing, preparatory work, titivating and finally- the finished article.
We are pleased and proud, on this the first anniversary of the first lockdown to announce that our Covid Memorial is finished.
We will having an official ‘launch’ once the lockdown has eased sufficiently.
It has been a great team effort and everyone involved is to be congratulated on this amazing memorial. We hope you like the finished article: Caring Hands.
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Sunshine in the Park

It was lovely to see families picknicking in the sunshine.  It’s what parks are for, everyone’s back garden.

Meanwhile our volunteers continue to work hard to keep the park looking nice so people can enjoy their picnics. All the paths have been swept, litter picking takes place daily, new plants put in and lots of other maintenance tasks are undertaken.

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