Thank You Everyone

The Caring Hands –  some thanks are needed.
We’d like to thank everyone who helped make this happen:
The 3 Ward Councillors who contributed half of the costs from their community funds allocated by the council;
Neil at the Neighbourhood Team who got the Planning Permission approved at first submission;
All the children (and parents) who took the time to decorate stones for the project;
Nic Senior of Little Spark (property developer) for bringing her cement mixer and doing a lot of the donkey work;
Dawn Collinson of Dawn’s Beauty Rooms

for the fabulous nail art;

Eagle Printing for the amazing plaques and rainbow;
Emma and Katie our lovely Junior Rangers for their planting of the Crocus, and Emma for her poignant poem;
Caitlin for her bows and ribbon cutting.
Most important of all, our amazing volunteers, with Col in particular. He transformed an idea into reality.
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