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Press release issued today – World Changing Places Awareness Day

19th July 2021
Friends of Sandall Park Campaign for Changing Places Loo

Friends of Sandall Park are teaming up with Doncaster disability adaptions firm RISE to raise money and install a new Changing Places toilet in the park.

Changing Places are specialist toilets designed to be used by people with complex disabilities, their families, and carers. Larger than a standard accessible loo, Changing Places feature an adult-sized changing bed and a ceiling hoist.

Over a quarter of a million people in the UK could benefit from an increased number of Changing Places toilets, enabling them to get out and about and enjoy the day-to-day activities many of us take for granted.

The Changing Places Consortium and individual groups have campaigned for more of the toilets since 2006. Although the overall number of Changing Places toilets has increased there is still huge demand for more.

Need For Specialist Facility in Sandall Park

With only eight Changing Places toilets in Doncaster, Friends of Sandall Park are calling on local businesses to help them raise enough money to install a facility in the well-used and popular park.

Friends of Sandall Park is a charitable group of volunteers, set up to improve Doncaster’s largest park for everyone, including their most vulnerable visitors set to benefit from a Changing Places toilet situated in the park.

“We’ve received plenty of feedback over the past few years on the need for a Changing Places facility,” says Sandra Crabtree, Chair of Friends of Sandall Park. “We know there are many more people that would be able to come and enjoy the park if they had access to a suitable toilet – particularly visitors with more severe disabilities.”

To raise funds, the group have teamed up with RISE Adaptations – a specialist Changing Places contractor from Doncaster. Together, they aim to gather support and funding from local businesses, as well as increase the visibility of the Changing Places campaign.

The team from RISE and volunteers from the park are kicking off the campaign by walking the distance between each of the eight Changing Places toilets in Doncaster to highlight just how few facilities there are.

“The nearest facility is at Doncaster Royal Infirmary, which is too far for anybody wanting to enjoy a day at Sandall Park,” says RISE Director Louise Ogg. “If the park had its own Changing Places, families would be able to come and spend the entire day without worrying about the lack of safe, hygienic toilets.”

“With it being World Changing Places Awareness Day today [July 19th], now seemed like a great time to highlight the need for more facilities in our hometown,” adds Louise. “We’re going to install the new toilet at cost, but we’re now calling on other local businesses to chip in and help Sandra and the team with funding.”

RISE and Friends of Sandall Park hope to have raised enough to install the new toilet before the new year.

“We hope other businesses can help out too,” says Sandra. “A Changing Places toilet would make such a big difference to the local community, as well as attract more people to the beautiful surroundings at Sandall Park.”

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