100 Club Draw

Tonight’s FoSP meeting saw the following people win the 100 Club: 18 – B Senior; 8 – C Darrand; 22 – V Haigh.

Thank you for your support everyone! It really does help the group with running costs.

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Meeting Disrupted by Criminals

Tonight’s FoSP meeting  was quite an upsetting one – 7.45pm and 3 boys on cycles smashed one of the metal reinforced windows.
It was smashed with such force that glass flew across the room! Luckily no one was hit by flying glass.
What is more worrying is – this is a communal hall, in an elderly persons complex, with elderly people in bungalows all round. The lights were on, the yobs knew there were people inside – there’s more than a fair chance they could have been the elderly residents. Sickening to think that they might have considered that.
So, 3 boys on bikes. Any information to SYP please – incident 829 of 20th October, or in confidence to Crime Stoppers 0800 555 111.
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