Emma Pickering – Young Volunteer of the Year!

Breaking News!! Our very own #juniorranger Leader has only just been nominated Young Volunteer of the Year in a national Green Flag Competition and won it!
Congratulations Emma! Very well deserved. Her interview is on YouTube.

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2 Very Rare Bears Book

We’ve taken delivery of 50 books “2 Very Rare Bears” donated by Gillian of access4alluk https://www.accessforalluk.com/.

The book is dedicated to Gillian’s son Tom and is a lovely read for all the family. Tom was severely brain-damaged and sadly passed away in 2017.

Gillian’s brother and his partner dropped them off – and they actually wrote the book!

Priced at £7.99 we will be selling them to raise funds for our #ChangingPlace in the park. If you’d like to buy one, email us at sandallpark@gmail.com, message us via Facebook or ask any member of the group. We will be donating some copies of the book to local schools who are participating in the Purple Day awareness campaign.

You can find out more about the book on the website https://www.2veryrarebears.com/
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Graffiti Attack……

The latest additions to the park. Cleaned off by our volunteer Steve. More time wasted that could be spent on better things.

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Paws Park Rejected

You may recall that for the last 3 years we’ve been working on getting a Paws Park in the park.
Our Chairman had a Zoom meeting with several DMBC officers on 11.11.21  to get the latest update.
Not good news for the Paws Park we’re sorry to say. We can’t have one.
Daisy (DMBC Green Space Officer) has done a heck of a lot of research on it, visited umpteen sites including the RSPCA; spoke to other councils (all of which said it was risky/dangerous/liable for trouble) and dog trainers, including Louise Jessop, who did our dog training course.
The final blow came from DMBC’s Insurance and Legal depts. It’s a definite no.
Numerous alternatives were discussed at the Zoom meeting, none of which were viable.
We (FoSP) have been at this for 3 years but it’s not to be.
We want to thank everyone for their support on this, especially Louise Jessop who ran our dog recall course just to raise money for the project. She raised £398 for us. The course was brilliant too, a lot of friendships came out of it. Click here for her page if you’re interested in Recall training for your dog.
So even if we did eventually get to take over the derelict nursery, which was our original plan, we couldn’t turn that into a Paws Park either.
Sorry folks.
Pictured are Archie and Sophie who did a promotional video for us for the fundraising campaign we were going to run through Spacehive. This was for the original plan of redeveloping the derelict nursery into a Paws Park.
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Santa Dash Coming UP!

Next up! The Doncaster Santa Dash.
We think it’s now safe to mention the ‘C’ word. The Santa Dash is the first sign that Christmas is on it’s way. Click here for details of the Dash.
All funds we raise from this event now organised by Curly’s Athletes will be going towards the #changingplaces in the park.
So get your running/walking shoes aired; get those pooch outfits designed and made. Come along and have a great morning in a beautiful park.
More information about Changing Places can be found by clicking here  and clicking here.
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Successful Grant Application

We have received some excellent news whereby we’ve been successful in acquiring a substantial grant.
This will be for mindfulness; exercise; yoga events in the park along with a multitude of other things including play features.
Look out for more information in due course. Next year is going to be busy with activities!
(Photo courtesy of Norma – thank you).
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