Fabulous Day at the Crafts and a Chat

Absolutely brilliant today thank you everyone: volunteers; donors; craft makers; tea makers ; people who bought goods – everyone. An amazing day, the result of a lot of hard work.
Special thanks to Victoria and Carin who have been like elves in Santa’s workshop (Carin has previous experience of this being an elf – “naughty elf” is her nickname) creating some fabulous gifts. And working over the last few weeks preparing, especially the last three days.
Total result was £567.09 in takings; £350 in donations! (£250 from Carin’s son; £20 Wendy; various anon; £82.41- Don – to make it £1000 from the event in total).
This is a great boost for our #changingplaces campaign.
Thank you all so much for supporting this. Thank you too to our Civic Mayor and his lovely consort who took time out of their busy schedule – at short notice – to pay us a call.
To find out more about Changing Places Click Here. To find out more about Access4AllUK Click Here.
All the raffle prizes were claimed – thank you if you took part
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