Paws Park Rejected

You may recall that for the last 3 years we’ve been working on getting a Paws Park in the park.
Our Chairman had a Zoom meeting with several DMBC officers on 11.11.21  to get the latest update.
Not good news for the Paws Park we’re sorry to say. We can’t have one.
Daisy (DMBC Green Space Officer) has done a heck of a lot of research on it, visited umpteen sites including the RSPCA; spoke to other councils (all of which said it was risky/dangerous/liable for trouble) and dog trainers, including Louise Jessop, who did our dog training course.
The final blow came from DMBC’s Insurance and Legal depts. It’s a definite no.
Numerous alternatives were discussed at the Zoom meeting, none of which were viable.
We (FoSP) have been at this for 3 years but it’s not to be.
We want to thank everyone for their support on this, especially Louise Jessop who ran our dog recall course just to raise money for the project. She raised £398 for us. The course was brilliant too, a lot of friendships came out of it. Click here for her page if you’re interested in Recall training for your dog.
So even if we did eventually get to take over the derelict nursery, which was our original plan, we couldn’t turn that into a Paws Park either.
Sorry folks.
Pictured are Archie and Sophie who did a promotional video for us for the fundraising campaign we were going to run through Spacehive. This was for the original plan of redeveloping the derelict nursery into a Paws Park.
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