New Footpaths Around the Park?

Another project we will be pursuing in 2022, is to have footpaths installed:
1. Round the circumference of the golf course so that wheelchair users can make use of this lovely area.
2. Round the circumference of the grassed area from the cabins at the top of the stone steps, round the parkrun route past the football pitches and round to the play area on Barnby Dun Road, joining up with the footpath there.
This is obviously going to require a massive injection of capital and it won’t happen overnight but it is something we have been considering for some time.
In 2012 we looked at the golf course aspect but there were no suitable grants available at that time.
Would everyone be in support of this addition to the park? We believe that parkrunners would support it – we’ve spoken to a few.
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Cafe Christmas Closing Times

The park cafe will be closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and the Monday as usual. Re open Tuesday 28th December.
The park toilets will only be open Christmas Day while parkrun is on, and the same for Boxing Day while Junior parkrun is on.
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