Merry Christmas!

As another year draws to a close, we’d like to share ‘our year’ with you.
2021 has not been without its difficulties, challenges, and hurdles. As always though our group has continued regardless and come out smiling at the other side.
We said goodbye to Jean Ketley, a much loved and treasured member of the group. She gave so much to the park and the group and is sorely missed. Ron has soldiered on in the most difficult of circumstances.
Later in the year Moira Hood also passed away and she too had been a stalwart of the group firstly as a councillor and then as a volunteer.
Many of the group have been ill or suffered with physical problems, but have battled on through their ailments.
A great deal of the year’s meetings was conducted online and at least those who couldn’t normally attend meetings were able to do so, and it was nice to see familiar faces. Even Noelle (IFoSP) joined us from America.
This is just a snapshot of 2021:
• We subscribed to Amazon Smile took and this started to bring money in.
• The Doggy Fountain went in – another masterpiece of engineering genius.
• More memorial trees were put in (paid for with donations, planted by DMBC).
• A new nature trail was created.
• More bug hotels and hedgehog retreats created.
• Instagram went live and has proved a valuable media outlet.
• The car park gates were reinstated and started being locked at night by Prosec UK, but CCTV is still to be completed. A vast reduction in ASB and litter resulted.
• Junior rangers went from strength to strength with excellent events and increased numbers – there was even a Christmas craft making event on the 23rd December.
• Doncaster Litter Picking Championships saw its first airing.
• Princess and Superheroes events were a definite hit.
• The Doghorn campaign was a tremendous success – the threat level for dog theft reduced.
• Magnet dragging of the lake has been of huge interest and certainly rid the lake of dangerous debris!
• Numerous online and physical meetings were attended for various groups including Visitor Economy Group; Management Planning for the park; Future Parks Workshops and Health/Fitness related issues.
• Our two top Junior Rangers were filmed by Welcome to Yorkshire and Visit Doncaster for promotional videos of the area.
• In July we were approached by Rise Adaptations (a local company) regarding our plan for a Changing Place for the park and the campaign was given new vigour. This will be the biggest most impactive change to the park, alongside a new café. It’s going to be a game changer. DMBC are on board with it and we’re hopeful it will come to fruition in 2022.
• You will of course be wondering what’s happening with the new café? It’s still stalling within DMBC circles unfortunately. Perhaps next year there’ll be some headway……. Here’s hoping.
• Our Head Ranger was nominated and was successful in becoming Green Flag Young Volunteer of the Year award.
• A Successful application to Community Investment Fund reaped £13,250.00 for health events (classes and walks) and projects next year, including concrete table tennis and chess tables.
FoSP would like to thank everyone for their input, small, medium, or large – it all adds up to a massive development and care of our wonderful park. We are indebted to all the visitors, users and supporters who care for the park, conduct litter picks, and keep an eye on things, it helps tremendously. And to all our sponsors and donors too of course – thank you. We couldn’t do it without you!
Our relationship with the Safer Communities and Street Scene Teams is evidence that #partnerships work. So, to all the teams we work with at DMBC, and the Elected Ward Members – thank you very much. Your support and help is vital to the group’s success.
It’s going to be a remarkably busy 2022 and we look forward to everyone’s continued support and involvement.
Merry Christmas and we wish you a Happy and Healthy 2022. There’s lots to look forward to in Sandall Park!
Sandra Crabtree
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