Storm of 2022 – Tree damage

Yesterdays storm has caused quite a bit of tree damage in the park. Our thanks to everyone who kept us informed as events unfolded.

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Bike Station Launch Postponed

Due to the forecasted weather conditions we are postponing the official launch of our bike station, and subsequently the attendance of the Bike Repairs Yorkshire Bike Shack.
Click here for further information about Bike Shack.
We’ll let you know when we have rearranged. Apologies for any inconvenience.
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February Meeting

Thank you to all who attended our meeting last night.
It’s a good job young Archie wasn’t there to tell us “If you didn’t laugh so much we might get the meeting done quicker!” A good meeting with lots achieved.
The 100 Club was drawn and the winners were 14 – J Oxley; 77 – M Downing; 51 – M Barclay.
Thank you everyone for supporting us as always.
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Inclusive Health Trail – New!

We are embarking on a major new project to get an inclusive, accessible health trail around the whole of the park.
This will benefit walkers, runners, families with pushchairs, wheelchair users, less able visitors and people who find it difficult to walk on grass.
The council are fully supportive and are working hard to make it happen.
Obviously this is going to cost a lot of money. A lot! So we need to try and raise some funds ourselves to help towards it. To this end we have set up a Go Fund Me Page. Can you help us raise some funds towards it please?
Here’s the link to the fundraiser – please share it: Click Here for the link.
(The new trails are highlighted in red and yellow on the diagram).
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Support the Changing Place planning Application

The Planning Application for the #ChangingPlaces in the park is now online, and you can comment on the application. In support we hope!
This will make SUCH a difference to families who have to restrict their days out and visits because there are no suitable facilities. It’s not just the person with the disability who loses out either – it’s the rest of the family too.
Please show your support for it.
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