Changing Place Planning Approved.

Excellent news! The Planning Application for the Changing Place has been granted!
Thank you everyone who commented and supported this from inception, and of course donated to the GoFundMe fundraiser (which is still ongoing). The more we can contribute the better.
It’s all looking very positive, and we’ll keep you updated as to the progress.
Thank you everyone! It’s actually going to happen!
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Perfect Mural – Perfect Place – Perfect day

Yesterday afternoon we had the official opening of the fabulous quiet garden mural. The quiet garden was full of laughter and conversation and it’s maybe the least quiet it has ever been, but it was lovely.
Our very special guests Natasha and Lizzie and who painted the mural were in attendance and Margaret Frost who lived in a cottage in Sandall park as a child joined us too, which was wonderful. Margaret recalls her memories in the Sandall park book by Symeon Mark Waller.
Margaret and Natasha cut the ribbon and then everyone enjoyed the buffet donated by a Friends of Sandall park volunteer.
We left the garden quiet once again to the robins, wrens, goldfinches and blackbirds who had curiously started to appear, looking for any crumbs.
A big thank you to everyone who made yesterday perfect 💚
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